The Plasticotek project at the Design Museum Brussels answers the public’s need to be provided with more information on plastics and their history. This educational venue is designed for visitors of every category, including adults as well as young people and schoolchildren. They will be able to touch the objects, thus gaining a better understanding of the technical and scientific aspects of the types of plastic displayed in the permanent exhibition. It will offer them a fun, interactive way of learning more about the collection of pieces they will have seen on display, through descriptions of their materials and their histories, from design objects to everyday items. In this way, visitors will be able to sit on and / or handle re-edited versions of the objects that they have just viewed. The Plasticotek will therefore be able to respond to a certain frustration felt by the public, who cannot sit on or touch the exhibited pieces, although some are still available in retail outlets and bric a brac shops today. This does not help to clarify exactly why the Design Museum Brussels focuses on the heritage value attached to such items.

To sum up, the Plasticotek contains samples of plastic to handle and objects to use, so that visitors can delve into the historical background of items that were part of our everyday domestic surroundings not so very long ago.

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