Permanent exhibiton

belgisch design belge presents an overview of a history of design in Belgium and its identities. From Art Nouveau to contemporary creation, this exhibition offers a tale of its major figures, the movements and avant-gardes that shaped it, as well as the achievements that have defined it, and the institutions that promoted it. Through the dynamic notion of Belgian design, belgisch design belge, open since September 2020, is meant to be a laboratory in which to test different forms of narrative and display. It also aims to face contemporary social issues. belgisch design belge presents pieces that represent the formal experimentation, the innovations and the changes that have marked the landscape of design in Belgium. Through the actors of this history, their work, and the production of companies and publishing houses, belgisch design belge experiments with a new way of storytelling: a careful selection of objects portrays the immaterial environment and historical context in which Belgian design came about and flourished.


This exhibition has been realised thanks to the support of the King Baudouin Foundation and the Loterie Nationale Lotterij.