29.09.2020 > 28.02.2021

We are slowly coming out of the lockdown, a never-
before-seen situation that has given us time and space to think. A lockdown means limiting and putting boundaries on things. In a museum this leads to the preservation and conservation of objects in the reserves that are not or rarely shown to the public. These objects are, as it were, in a “lockdown”, meaning they are kept in the reserves to protect them from light, air, moisture and temperature fluctuations. In this way we can preserve and guarantee a unique heritage for future generations. Our objects are stored per type of plastic and, as it were, “locked” in order to apply the correct conservation methods. Most of these objects are very fragile and are rarely taken out of the reserves.

This unprecedented period of last Spring has led us to reconsider our relationship with time, space and our collections. During the lockdown, we took the opportunity to think about projects that focus on the reasons why these objects are less often made visible than others. We will learn over time whether this situation will be a new chapter and way of life. In the meantime, with the exhibition (un)locked, we try to present you an exceptional selection of objects, which you can discover at your own pace.

With a focus on weightlessness, we have chosen bulky, generous, sensual and quirky objects that will not leave you indifferent. Whether they arouse emotions, evoke memories or just make you smile, these
objects take us back to the essence of reality. After weeks spent away from these objects, getting back to the museum’s core values - the preservation and safekeeping of its collections - is both a priority and a challenge.

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