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In the frame of the Czech Presidency of the EU, the exhibition “Design and Transformation. Stories of Czech Design 1990-2020” presents the Czech Republic as a place where innovations that are beneficial in an international context are born and where locally specific traditions are also preserved and valued.

The exhibition explores the selected projects of thirteen successful companies that reflect the upheavals of Czech history and have a long legacy of products known far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic such as the international car manufacturer Škoda and furniture producer TON, as well as other young companies. Furthermore, the show will also pay homage to more traditional Czech domains, for example glassmaking.

To accompany the exhibition, a presentation of  the Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design will be included, which features a video projection on the facade of the Prague House in Brussels.

Main Organizer: UMPRUM Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague together with Moravian Gallery in Brno and the Design Museum Brussels.

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