It’s their turn! The women of the Plastic Design Collection


In the 20th century, women’s creativity deeply shaped and expanded design. Designers, architects, pioneers of modernity, creators of new lifestyles or even arts patrons, in their own way, all left their mark on the history of design. Thanks to a selection of works from the Plastic Design Collection, this guided tour retraces their impact and shows the wide range of fields in which they excelled. The tales of these women, those who were on the forefront of the creative panorama and those who were forgotten by history as their male counterparts made them invisible, will be told.

As part of the Matrimony Days.

On the initiative of L’architecture qui dégenre, the Matrimony Days honor the historical-architectural, sculptural, urban and social heritage of Brussels. It is also a great opportunity to discover the current artistic, political and feminist heritage.


Practical information


Design Museum Brussels

Place de Belgique 1 Belgiëplein – 1020 Brussels

Guide: Cristina Bargna, Collections and Exhibitions manager

When: 24.09.2022

Time: 11am and 2pm

Duration: 1h30

Language: FR

Price: Free


Contact | Belgiëplein - 1020 Brussel | T +32 2 669 49 29 | Ontdek onze roosters

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