This chair, made in the form of the capitals that were set on top of Ionic columns, clearly recalls the decline and disappearance of the great civilisations of ancient times. In this way, it reflects the critical gaze that the champions of “Contro-Design” cast on the society of their day. It is part of a set named Colonna, which was designed in the form of a classical column  and features three separate pieces: an occasional table [Antica TL], and two chairs [Antica and Capitello]. This piece, much discussed by the specialist press at the time, heralded the arrival of the Postmodernist movement of the 1980s. Capitello was re-edited in 1986, when 500 items were produced.


STUDIO 65 — Franco Audrito [b.1943] founded Studio

65 in Turin in 1968, when he was still a student ofarchitecture and painting. Studio 65 was one of the  groups that spearheaded the radical “Contro- Design” movement, which likewise adopted a critical attitude to the society of the day. It brought together a group of young artists, Roberta Garosci, Enzo Bertone, Paul Morello and Paolo Rondelli. The creation of Studio 65 therefore constituted a declaration of war on dogma and the status quo, aiming toAunmask and demolish its underlying ideological values. The group  offered fresh experiences through its innovative forms, which succeeded in interpreting the yearning for a new beginning that gripped the younger generation  in the late 1960s.

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